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This is what I do

  • I design

    Design often necessitates considering the aesthetic and functional dimensions of both the design object and process. It involves research, thought, modeling, interactive adjustment, and re-design. Diverse kinds of objects may be designed, including clothing, graphical user interfaces and corporate identities.

  • I code

    Coding a web solution necessitates more than a knowledge of the language rules. Aesthetic and functional dimensions of both the prototype and the project are essential to reach more clients. It involves research, modeling, interactive adjustment and a re-design. It includes the global design, the graphic, the visual identity, the interface.

  • I entertain

    Social networks are unavoidable to meet your clients and prospects. A global web strategy cannot go without a presence on the social networks. A regular and attractive contact can lead to a relational, commercial or visual gain to customers. Advertising on some networks is also an essential aspect to attract new opportunities.

  • I measure

    As our world is not static, reports and measurements are crucial to understand what is happening and looking forward. Strategies do not come out of the blue ! With some figures and KPI's, it is possible to establish action plans with more confidence.


How I do it


Establish a list of the resources and needs of your company represents the first step of a quality web strategy.


Building solid and long lasting bases is essential. However, the evolution of the web sphere necessitates flexibility and constant awareness.


Error has no place in business and every situation needs to be considered. A suitable treatment is planed for every client's request.


Launching your solution represents a big step but the adventure does not finish there necessarily.


I made stores, platforms and a few websites

  • I am Cool
  • I am Creative
  • I am Exacting
  • I am Focused
  • I am here for YOU

Facts about me


Passionate by computers since childhood, I have learned to use it as a creative, automation, enhancing tool. Now it has become more than a passion ! I conduct continuous research to reach more beautiful and efficient products and creations. I try to learn every day about the complexity of computing and design. More than a programmer, I am an epicurean who enjoys some simple pleasures of life.


I am an Apple products addict

If Apple release a new product, I need it two minutes ago ! All other gadgets and hi-techs too !

I love watching series

Series. A lot of series. One rule : no laughs in background ! Except Big Bang Theory, no one can mess with Big Bang ...

I'm a big acoustic music fan

Everywhere I stay, I have my speaker so soft music can run all day long. Music soothes the souls.

Travel is life

To catch inspiration, for the culture and the pleasure, I try to travel a lot. I want to see what has to be seen.


My skills & Education

SQL - Databases
Photoshop - Illustrator
Community Management
Website Audit
Google AdWords Basics certified - SEO
ERP - Back office
CMS - eCommerce Solution
eBusiness awakening
Creative workshops
Emailing - MailChimp
App Marketing
Bots, AI
VR, 360° video, AR
Project Management - Agile, SCRUM

Feb. - July 2016


Internship - TAPPTIC

MX (Mobile eXperience) Department

Reports and Benchmarking. ASO. Community Management. Creativity. VR & 360. Bots.

Sept. 2015 - Feb. 2016


FEHT - Fontys University, The Netherlands

Creative Advertising

Creativity. Smart Data. Online Marketing. ROI.

March 2015


Internship - VANDEN BORRE

eCommerce Department

Reporting. SEO competitive planing. Community Management. Brainstorm meetings.

2013 - 2016


EPHEC - Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes Commerciales


Programmation. Community management. IT Projects. Database Management. Web design. Online shop.

2010 - 2013


HEB-ESI - Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique

IT Management

Java - C++ - Cobol. Database management. Analysis.



ICHEC - Institut Catholique des Hautes Etudes Commerciales

Corporate Management

Economics. Accountancy. Management.

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